I recently hired MJG Contracting for my retail franchise build-out project in Huntington. While I haven't been much of a review poster in the past, I feel compelled to do so here due to how pleased I am with all the work that was done, as well as the professionalism of Mike and his team. This was my first go around in the commercial space, and as such, the process of searching for and selecting a contractor was an incredibly stressful one. Very quickly after meeting Mike I knew I had found my GC and at no point since have I regretted my choice.

From the get-go, Mike was responsive, which was incredibly important to me- if you call him, you get a prompt call back or an immediate text saying when he'll be able to respond to you. But most of the time, I didn't need to call Mike because he would call me first; whether it involved just providing me with a project update or delivering news I didn't want to hear, not once was I ever left hanging by him. Just as importantly, Mike was always honest with me and consultative in the best way. He knew my budget, presented me with creative, cost-saving ideas that I would not have thought of on my own, but also never shied away from telling me news I may not have wanted to hear, but needed to as a business-owner taking on a big responsibilities.

His team was prompt and worked hard all day. He said his guys would arrive daily at 8AM and every day without fail, they were there before 8AM. Moreover, I couldn't be happier with the quality of work that was done and the competency of the people he brought in on some other issues that arose in my build-out. In one case that stands out, there were lingering issues with the septic system of my building that my landlord couldn't get fixed for years using her plumber; Mike asked if he could send someone he trusts to look at it, they resolved the problem in a day, and it hasn't been an issue since. His network of reliable partners in the trades is truly impressive.

In addition to always arriving on time, Mike's team worked incredibly clean. My build-out wasn't for a home I had to sleep in every night, it was for a store that wasn't open and didn't have customers coming in, but every single morning when I came in the place had been tidied up from the prior day's work. It probably didn't need to be, but it just highlights the professionalism MJG brings to a project.

Lastly, but obviously of great significance, Mike was very fair to me cost-wise. Other GCs I spoke with I felt they were pricing to the moon once they heard it was a commercial project, where as with Mike, he quoted me based solely on the work involved. As I mentioned above, he brought some good ideas to the table on how to keep my costs contained, but also leveled with me in some cases where it was going to cost me some money to be done right. Now that my project is being brought to completion, I can say that in every instance he gave me good advice, and was always looking to protect me and my business.
So if you are in the market for a contractor, I highly recommend that you give MJG a call. In addition to how pleased I am with the work that was done, and the price it was done for, I just really liked working with Mike. He treats his crew well. He's honest and a true professional with decades of experience. And he was just a really nice guy, I enjoyed my time talking with him and getting to know him a bit.

From my end, I am hopeful this is just the first of many retail locations for me, and should I be so fortunate, I know who my first and only call will be- Mike Gedacht and MJG Contracting.
David Glick, Owner, Valhallan West Hills