Water mitigation is more often than not a very frustrating situation resulting in damage to flooring, carpeting, furniture, personal belongings appliances etc.
Here in Merrick the basement water damage was so severe once the mitigation was completed, we had to install a New French drain consisting of new perforated piping along with a new pump system. Typically, the initial steps in a water damage are first to shut off the electrical system followed by an immediate call to the Homeowner’ s insurance company. More often than not we work with the Insurance Carriers directly such as Nationwide Insurance, Narraganset Bay and others on behalf of the client. This not only takes the stress off the client but ensures the client that they obtain the reimbursement that they are entitled to based on their insurance coverage.

The initial mediation process is critical.

  • Set up fans and air circulation equipment
  • Extract water
  • Mold Remediation

The mediation process with the temporary equipment in place can be on site as long as 1 week prior to commencing new construction. If not done properly Mold growth can begin as soon as 48 hours after the loss occurred.